Internet Browsers For Windows

In the past Windows users only had one option for their internet browser- Internet Explorer. These days we are spoiled for choice, so how do we know which the best internet browser for windows is? We shall look at some of the best options in today’s guide.

Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8

Despite all the other options available, millions of people all around the world still choose to use Internet Explorer, and it is the second most used browser in the world – Mozilla Firefox has only recently just taken over in popularity.

Internet Explorer 8 is the latest release from the web browser. There are many fantastic features and many people prefer it over the closest competitor – Firefox. Some of the new features in Internet Explorer 8 include: color-coded tab system, great privacy protection, InPrivate browsing, WebSlices and a compatibility view to support display problems. The browser also offers crash recovery, a fast start up and flexible search options.

The main disadvantage is that it lacks a download manager which is a great feature of Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla 3.5

Mozilla Firefox 3.5

Mozilla Firefox has overtaken Internet Explorer to be the most popular windows internet browser in the world. When it was first released, it was a nice breath of fresh air for windows users who wanted a good alternative to Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 is the latest release of the popular internet browser and it offers many new features that make it one of the best internet browsers for Windows users.

Although the differences between version 3 and 3.5 may not be obvious, there have been plenty of changes made behind the scenes including greater speed for JavaScript performance and also incorporates a private browsing mode. There is also a built-in spell checker and the ability to customize the internet browser.

The only real disadvantage of Mozilla Firefox for Windows users is that it has a much slower start up than other browsers.

Opera 9.6

Opera 9.6

Opera is a new player in the internet browser game and is fast becoming a popular choice for many Windows users around the world.

Opera 9.6 is best known for offering a great internet browser whilst making your time on the web more fun and functional. It offers many more features than other leading web browsers whilst continuing to be incredibly fast and easy to use.

Some of the unique features of Opera 9.6 include: an interactive voice, thumbnail previews, customizable skins and mouse gestures.

There are very few disadvantages to using Opera with the main one being noted by Windows users as being the lack of widgets and additional add-ons.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome had a huge hype building up to its release. Fortunately for Google it has to a large extent lived up to this hype and is one of the best internet browsers for Windows.

Google Chrome offers a simple and stylish interface that is easy to use yet very fast and powerful. It offers simplicity, compatibility and speed all within the one web browser.

Some of the unique features of Google Chrome include: thumbnail images of your most visited sites, great task manager options and the ability to drag, drop and rearrange your tabs. It also has a very neat and tidy search page as well as DNS pre-fetching.

The main disadvantage is that there is a lack of add-ons for the program. However, the browser is still relatively new so no doubt there will be plenty more to come in the coming months!



For Windows users who are social networking butterflies then Flock is the best internet browser for you! It has been specifically created to suit the needs of social networkers and has many special features to make your networking experience easier and more fun.

The browser supports a range of social networking needs including e-mail, media, feeds and blogging. It can help you to keep up to date with all your contacts on range of social networking sites including Twitter, Myspace, Facebook and Flicker.

It also has features that make it easy for you to share photos, news and other things with your internet friends. It also offers users a higher level of security on these websites than other internet browsers offer.

The only real disadvantage is that it does not offer support to major web services.