Palm Internet Browser

Palm’s are a fantastic way of staying organized on the go, and one of the great features is the ability to access the internet wherever you are. In this guide we shall look at some of the Palm internet browser options including their capabilities.

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Palm Information

Palm OS is an operating system that has been used on many personal digital assistants since 1996. It has revolutionized the way we work and organize our lives.

It hasn’t always been possible to access the internet on Palms. It wasn’t until the release of Palm OS 3.5 that a WAP browser was included with it. It was released as a companion upgrade for the 3.5 version. The software called the “Mobile Internet Kit” included a WAP browser, email software and SMS software.

The first properly developed web browser was released in 2002 called “PalmSource Web Browser” that offered a much better browsing experience.

These days the most popular internet browser for Palms is Blazer and many new Palm phones come with it bundled in the package. We have looked in more detail at Blazer and a few other Palm internet browser options below.



Blazer is by far the most commonly used Palm internet browser. Blazer has been specifically designed for Palm handhelds running Palm 0S 3.1 and higher.

To run Blazer your Palm must have at least 8MB of free memory available. Blazer was first released in November 2000 and is currently at its fourth release. When it was first released it offered many benefits over other Palm internet browsers including fast performance, progressive rendering as well as additional support of WAP and i-Mode as well as HTML.

The first and second releases of Blazer are no inoperable however, Blazer 3 and 4 are still available for use.

Blazer 3 saw significant upgrades compared to the previous two releases and yet even more improvements in the current Blazer 4. Blazer 4 is bundled with many different Palms included Tungsten E2 and Tungsten T5.

Some of the new features include faster loading, the ability to save images and HTML files to the memory card or device, bookmarks and the option to start your browser on the last viewed page. It also provides support for many more web standards including HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, WML 1.3, JavaScript 1.5, JPEG, PNG, BMP and Gif images as well as cookies.

One problem that has been noted with Blazer 4 is that many of the new features will cause the browser to crash if it is now in Wide Page Mode.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is becoming an increasingly popular internet browser of choice for many Palm users as well as on other mobile devices. Opera Mini offers very fast browsing as well as a simple and easy to use interface that is drawing in fans around the world. Over 40 million phones are shipped around the world with Opera Mini pre-installed on them.

There are many great features and is very reliable with minimal crashes. It is fast becoming one of the more popular choices for a web browser for Palm users as it is considered to be much more user-friendly and faster than the current leader – Blazer.

NetFront Browser

NetFront Browser

NetFront is one of the leading internet web browsers for mobile internet devices. It is the standard web browser for Sony PSP’s and is supported by Palm operating systems. NetFront is a microbrowser and is able to convert tables in web pages into a vertical display eliminating the need to scroll horizontally on the screen.

Bolt Browser

Bolt Browser

Bolt Browser is another internet browser that is compatible with Palm’s. The browser is available free of charge and is created by BitStream – the same company that created ThunderHawk – an increasingly popular web browser. It has only just been released but has great reviews. At the moment it can only be used on Palm devices that employ a MIDlet manager or Java enabler.

Bolt Browser allows you to view full web page layouts similar to those found on desktop web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.