Mobile and Phone Internet Browsers

Mobile phone internet browsers vary greatly in terms of the features they offer and unfortunately we often don’t get a choice of what browser our phone uses. However, an increasing amount of mobile phone internet browsers are coming into the market that we can choose from.

The best phone internet browsers will display most websites as well as offer page zoom and keyboard shortcuts. Other browsers may just be able to open up websites that have been optimized for use on mobile phones.

In this guide we shall look at some of the best mobile phone internet browsers available at the moment.

Opera Mobile

Opera Mobile and Opera Mini

Opera Mobile is by far the most popular and critically acclaimed mobile phone internet browser available. Many phone companies include Opera ready-installed when they sell their phones to customers. There are many features to Opera including multiple tabs, page zoom and more. It also offers users an elegant and easy-to-use interface that makes web browsing on your mobile phone a pleasure.

Opera is amongst the fastest mobile internet browsers on the market and they aim to make browsing on your mobile no different to doing so on your computer.

Opera Mini is another popular mobile internet browser that is similar to its big sister Opera but offers faster browsing thanks to compressed downloads. It has all the main features of Opera Mobile such as page zoom but eliminates some of the extras that can slow down browsing.



Skyfire is a fast and free mobile phone internet browser that is becoming increasingly popular with mobile internet users. It can be used on Windows Mobile, Symbian and just recently Blackberry phones.

Skyfire uses the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine meaning that it can cope with all normal web pages including those with Flash and Silverlight which aren’t available on most mobile phones.

There is a simple page-zoom option that works at the click of a button and also works intelligently. For example, if you are browsing YouTube and you click on a video, Skyfire will automatically zoom into the video to make it full screen.

Skyfire is also great for social networking site users as you can choose to have all your latest updates from Twitter, Facebook and more all displayed on the Skyfire start up page.



Safari is the internet browser that is included free with iPhones. It is a fantastic browser that displays content rich websites such as YouTube easily and quickly. It has an incredible touch-based user interface as well as a zoom feature.

Unfortunately Safari internet browser for mobile is only currently available for iPhone users.


Mozilla Minimo and Mozilla Fennec

Mozilla Minimo was the mobile phone version of the world’s most popular internet browser – Mozilla Firefox. The initial release did not receive great feedback as it was a lot slower than expected. However, a lot of good technology went into it and in 2008 developers started creating Mozilla Fennec which is overtaking Mozilla Minimo.

Mozilla Fennec has been specifically designed to work with small non-PC devices such as mobile phones and PDA’s. Although the program is based on Firefox, the interface is completely different to make it more user friendly on a small screen. It includes touch-screen interaction for compatible phones that works in the same way as dragging with a mouse on a computer.

Many of the add-ons and plug-ins for Mozilla Firefox also work with Fennec.

Bitstream’s Thunderhawk

Bitstream’s Thunderhawk

Bitsteam’s Thunderhawk is a popular mobile phone internet browser that has been specifically designed to enhance your mobile internet browsing experience.

One of the features of Thunderhawk is that it automatically resizes images so that only the data necessary to display the image is sent through to your mobile.

Many people enjoy the simple interface of Thunderhawk as it does not have any icons, tool bars or places to enter a URL meaning that there is maximum screen for displaying web pages. If you need to use the keyboard or tool bar it is very simple to open it up.

The main complaint about Thunderhawk is that the on-screen keyboard is very large and takes up a lot of the screen page when it is open- leaving very little of the web page on display.