Browser Comparison and History

Long gone are the days when everyone just used Netscape or Internet Explorer as their internet browser. These days there are dozens of options and we are literally spoiled for choice. So here we have a comparison of some of the most popular internet browsers listing their pros and cons.


History of Internet Browsers

The first internet browser was created in the 1980’s and was called WorldWideWeb – released in 1991. It wasn’t until the creation of NCSA Mosaic – the first graphical web browser – that the internet began to see wide spread use.

The leader of the Mosaic team then separated to create Netscape Navigator in 1994 which went on to become the most widely used internet browser in the world accounting for 90 percent of all web use.

In 1995, Microsoft then went ahead to create their version of Netscape Navigator – Internet Explorer. This was the beginning of the internet’s browser war. Internet Explorer quickly took over from Netscape and had a 95 percent market share by 2002.

In the past five years dozens of other internet browsers have come onto the market all offering bigger and better features than the last. Mozilla Firefox was released in 2004 and has now taken over from Internet Explorer as the world’s most used internet browser. Google Chrome was released in September 2008 and is quickly becoming another popular choice.

Comparison of Internet Browsers

As we mentioned before, there are dozens of internet browsers on today’s market – all with different functions and features. The right one for you might not be the right one for someone else with different internet browsing requirements. So you may need to try several browsers before you find the perfect one for you.

In this guide we shall compare the five main internet browsers that make up the majority of the world’s market share in internet browsers. These are: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome.

All of the top five internet browsers have several things in common – they are fast, light in weight, provide internet security and are reliable. So, if that is all you after from an internet browser then any of them will suit you fine. However, if you want additional features and add-ons then there are slight variations between the browsers that we shall look at below.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has been the leading internet browser for many years, only recently being over taken by Mozilla Firefox. However, many people still use Internet Explorer and it has many fantastic features.

There are two main benefits to using Internet Explorer – compatibility and security. Internet Explorer is compatible with all websites, whereas other browsers may have difficult opening several websites. It is also incredibly safe and helps protect against phishing and malware attacks. It is fast, safe and easy to use, however when compared to its biggest rival – Firefox – it doesn’t have as many features or the ability to customize.

The latest Internet Explorer offers crash recovery, a fast start up and the address bar provides autocomplete.


Mozilla Firefox

The leader of the pack of internet browsers is Mozilla Firefox. It has all the features of the other leading browsers with many more. It is very customizable and there are hundreds of add-ons to help personalize your internet browsing experience.

It is one of the fastest browsers on the market and is constantly being updated. It is very safe with many security features built in to it.

Firefox also allows private browsing, a built-in spell checker and open video and audio.

The only negative point to be made about Firefox is it can be quite slow to start up in comparison to other internet browsers.



Safari is the standard internet browser for Mac OS X users. It is a fast and reliable browser that has a sleek and easy to use interface like most of Apple’s products.

The best thing about Safari is it’s speed – which Apple claims is the fastest of all web browsers. However, it does not have many features that other browsers have which allow it to be so fast and light. If you don’t require flashy extras then Safari is a great choice for you, but if you want something with more features then you may want to try a different browser.



Opera is a great internet browser and is becoming the first choice for an increasing number of internet users around the world. There are many exciting features built into the browser that make browsing much more fun and functional than other browsers.

Some of the features that Opera offers include: interactive voice, fast browsing, thumbnail previews, mouse gestures and the ability to customize skins. If you want a reliable internet browser that is a little out of the ordinary then Opera is the perfect choice.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the latest competitor in the internet browser game. It was only released in September 2008 but already has a huge fan base.

Chrome offers a sleek and simple interface that incorporates speed, simplicity and compatibility all rolled into one package. Some of the extra features included are: the ability to drag, drop and rearrange tabs as well as an excellent task manager feature.

The main downside of Chrome is that it has very few add-ons, however it is expected that these will come over the coming months as Chrome continues to become more popular.