Blackberry Internet Browser

Blackberry’s have taken the world by storm, and it’s no surprise when you realize the incredible features that are cram-packed into such a small device.

If you’re worried about missing an important email when you head to the shops then the Blackberry can make sure that you are constantly kept up to date. If you want to keep your friends updated on your whereabouts on Twitter – you can do that on the Blackberry too! Oh, and it’s also a phone.

One of the great things about Blackberry’s is the ability to browse the internet. In this guide we shall look at some important Blackberry internet browser information including the top internet browsers for your Blackberry.

BlackBerry Internet Service Browser

BlackBerry Internet Service Browser

The BlackBerry Internet Service Browser is the browser that comes with every new BlackBerry phone. The standard browser works very well and allows you to browse all of the same web pages that you could view on your desktop computer.

You have the ability to surf full HTML content which can be great if you want to look up the latest sports scores, news or check your stocks. You can also use the browser to check your Facebook or Twitter site or watch videos on YouTube.

If you find an image or video that you like online you can also download it onto your phone memory just like on your computer. There are very few limitations.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is one of the most popular alternative options as an internet browser for Blackberry users.

Opera Mini, as well as its big sister Opera, is renowned for being one of the fastest web browsers going. Opera Mini however does have limitations on the full desktop version and it cannot open all types of websites. It is not compatible with Flash, Ajax, JavaScript, Silverlight and several other complex web pages elements.

However, it does open full web pages meaning they won’t necessarily fit on the BlackBerry screen but you can zoom in and out to different sizes to view the whole page.

If you prefer to have it all on one page you can switch Opera Mini into “mobile view” and it will either load a mobile version of the website if there’s one available or will convert it into a smaller version.

Overall it is a good browser with great features.



SkyFire is another popular internet browser with Blackberry users.

SkyFire has taken a different approach to internet browsers for phones. It is based around Mozilla’s Gecko rendering engine but instead of your phone doing all of the hard work of rendering and decoding web pages it is done by the SkyFire server that is located in numerous places around the world. Once the server has done this it sends a compressed, interactive image to your phone meaning that you end up using less bandwidth and less battery.

Bolt Browser

Bolt Browser

Another great browser for Blackberry phones is the Bolt browser. Before its release in January 2009 it was largely hyped-up.

It is still in the early stages but it has many benefits. One of the best features is that it renders websites just as you would see them on your desktop browser. Many in-the-know BlackBerry users recommend Bolt Browser and whilst it is still in its early stages there are high hopes for it in the future.


Fennec Browser

Fennec is a new browser created by the masterminds behind Mozilla Firefox – the world’s most popular internet browser.

It offers many of the same benefits and features as Firefox but it has been optimized for use on mobile phones. It is a full-featured web browser that supports most web components including Flash and JavaScript.

Despite being based around Firefox the interface is entirely different to make sure that it is easy to use on your BlackBerry. It has touchscreen interaction methods in place of dragging actions with a mouse – however this is only available on touch screen BlackBerrys.

It also offers great security for web browsing to ensure you are free from bugs and scam websites. Many of the add-ons and plug-ins for Mozilla Firefox are also available for the Fennec browser and are downloadable off of the website.